nature of the russian blue cat
Russian BLue Cat of Blue Sinfonie  

The Russian blue is received a two-relationship with their humans, the fellow men their in relation to favourites is friendly and unlocked nearly always it. But devotion, absolute affection and confidence gives it usually only to a chosen one however for it a life long. This attachment however never works disturbing or importunately.




    She is a good housing cat, presupposed it is arranged cat fair, with scratching trees, different sleep places, play and hiding place possibilities. However she spends also gladly, if the possibility exists, her time on the balcony, that however for this with a net to be secured should or in a outbreak-safe garden. The window sill is likewise a very popular sleep place -, particularly if still a few sunbeams to the skin fall down. It enjoys the sun exactly the same as stormy wind and defies also cold weather, without feeling uncomfortable. She is for hours an excellent hunter, can her be occupied to observe their booty before it slams shut.    

Russian BLue Cat of Blue Sinfonie


To their kind comrade maintains it a good social behaviour, although their dominance behaviour is partly very pronounced. In its elegant and supple motion those reminds Russian blue of a Minipanther only in the blue Dress.


Russian BLue Cat of Blue Sinfonie





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