origin of the russian blue cat 
Russian Blue Cat of Blue Sinfonie  

Over the Russian blue already developed many legends. The origin that Russian blue already goes to the newest realizations to in 8. Century by the Norwegian


In the run of their long history had the Russian blue already many names such as Maltese cat, Spanish blue, American blue, Blue foreign or Archangelsk cat.


In our historical books emerges those Russian blue for the first time in particular documented at the Russian Zarenhof around 1850 with the Zaren Nikolaus I. 1901 kept the queen Victoria from England and her son Edward VII two Russian-blue cats from the Zarenfamilie given, because they were likewise by the fascinating beauty of these cats living at the yard impressed.


Russian Blue Cat of Blue Sinfonie

    England became thus the birth place of the Russian blue breed. Edward VII became a chairman of the cat breed federation, in which Russian blue breeders were represented. The first Russian blue was however already since 1860 in England admit due to the navigation between norths Russia (Archangelsk) and England existed. The most important breeder from England was probably Mrs. Carew Cox, which already began its breed around 1890.    

The Russian blue is a rare and unusual race, which has rightfully also its price and thus compared with other kind comrades within the upper financial range to be found is.




Russian Blue Cat of Blue Sinfonie







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